Friday, July 3, 2015



What kind of love is this Lord which you have given to me ? You broke the chains of misery that bound me.
You opened the prison doors and set me free. You put salve on my eyes so that I could see reality.
You showed me my soul in disrepair and my heart that was shattered.
You showed me the mask that was my personality, you showed me my love which was shallow.
You showed me my rage which was destroying me and the bitterness that was devouring me.
You saw my sorrows in this fallen world, you saw the pain and the shame that evil men forced apon me.
You saw the mortification that my spirit could not bear ,you knocked on the windows of my despair.
You showed me a valley deep in my soul you said we must journey there to make me whole.
My struggle was over you assured me for I was to die there once and for all.
I was not to fear as we would walk hand in hand for I would enter into your promised land.
You are God's jubilee you are peace and rest for me.

My hand all trembling I put into yours and off we set into the darkness of my soul.
You revealed all of the horror that had been perpetrated against me,
You confronted them each and one by one with your Sword you destroyed them all for me.
Your truth you said would liberate me but in obedience I had to take that narrow path called forgiveness.

Panic gripped my being for that was something that was far beyond me, but then you said to look again and what i saw dismayed me.
For all men are victim to the prey that constantly stalks them.
For they are blinded by their foolish pride, they don't know their left hand from their right so how can they fight and enemy they cannot even see.
They prefer to stay in the dark even though your light would set them free.

I saw that their plight was far far worse than mine had ever been for as a child I had been given a glimpse of the cross and it's promise.
So through the nightmares I had clung to the hope that there was light at the end of my tunnel.
But these are less fortunate than I for they are doomed to their folly .
For they enjoy the works of the devil and his great army.

And then I saw the lake of fire and the end of it all and my heart broke and i mourned for your lost creation.
I forgave them with all my heart for Lord I could feel your great burden.
So dear a price was paid for men such as these but they prefer to wallow in their rebellion.
You showed me the place you have prepared for me in your Father's house.
The house that is white and shimmers gold in His wonderful light

I saw my crown waiting there for me resplendant on a table made of purest amber
Well done good and faithfull servant with love you said to me
I turned and found myself surrounded by smiling faces everywhere, hugs and kisses were for me
They were the souls I had led to the cross for their salvation
A special gift you had given to me when i was but predestined was now due to come to blessed fruition.

I had come through the narrow gate , I had passed through the test by fire
I now had the upper hand on the devil and his fallen angels
they had sought to bring me down but you had given me a better idea

For I believed the Son of God was my deliverer, I had clung to the promise from God given to the prophet of old Isaiah 9:6

" For unto us a child is born , For unto us a son is given and the government shall be apon His shoulder. And His name shall be called WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR , THE MIGHTY GOD , THE EVERLASTING FATHER , THE PRINCE OF PEACE, The Son of Righteousness rose with healing in His wings and set my feet on the path of liberty and victory

All honour all praise all glory to my Lord Jesus the Christ for because of Him I am a winner.